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outlet christian louboutin will never disappoint you. The origin of the name probably stems from the Japanese word for "army" which is simply 'gun' or 'guntai'. As the plot is revealed, it is shown that GUN were responsible for the mistaken capture of Sonic the christian louboutin heels outlet Hedgehog, the ending of Project Shadow, the invasion and subsequent deactivation of the Space Colony ARK and the death of its inhabitants including Maria Robotnik. GUN's role in this game is simply to contain the threat posed by Shadow the Hedgehog and Doctor Eggman. However, they christian louboutin outlet shoes also attack Sonic and his friends (although many factors, such as GUN's mistaking of Sonic for Shadow, and Tails' christian louboutin shoes outlet attack on , might have provoked this). This proved them to be have caused more harm than good in general although unintentional. In Rouge's first level, GUN is seen holding a turtle at gunpoint. It is unclear as to why they were doing this, and the reason was never face christian louboutin outlet explained, though it is likely that the instance was simply a rushed level design choice. The organization was never specifically called "GUN" by the characters, who instead referred to them as "the government" or "the military". Shadow the Hedgehog The role of GUN in Shadow the Hedgehog's plot is to repel the invasion of Earth by the forces of the Black Arms by any means necessary including the (presumably unwanted) assistance from Sonic and his friends. due to his personal hatred are christian louboutin outlet shoes real of Shadow, although in two endings he realizes Shadow isn't evil and it was simply a misunderstanding. Sonic Rush christian louboutin christian louboutin sale christian louboutin for cheap wholesale christian louboutin sale mens christian louboutins outlet store
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