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christian louboutin shoes outlet online will never disappoint you. CO'R: At the start we knew very little about christian louboutin outlet cheap South Africa. We were ordinary, working class people. You got your wages on Friday and you decided where you were going to buy clothes or go dancing at the weekend. Where before you mightn't have been very interested in politics, it made you very aware of politics and their double standards. It changed your opinion on a lot of things. It made you challenge things. You were like: "I feel very passionate about this and if I can stand up for people thousands of miles away then I can stand up and speak about injustices here as well'. It made you very aware of the injustices that happen in this country as well. One of the people who came down to the picket line in the early stages was from Pavee christian louboutin cheap christian louboutin outlet outlet sale Point, the travellers' [organisation]. They have their own form of apartheid against them in this country, the way they are treated. JB: What were the disciplinary measures taken against you while you were picketing? CO'R: We didn't get outlet christian louboutin shoes any pay. At the start of the strike we got 21 a week strike pay and then it was increased to 23 so we depended on donations from other trade unions and the public to bring our wages up. christian louboutin shoes outlet christian louboutin cheap shoes christian louboutin bags on sale authentic christian louboutin sale christian louboutin cheap outlet
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