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outlet christian louboutin shoes will never disappoint you. I am lazy, you guys, and to quote one of my favourite philosophers "I know it sounds mental, but sometimes I have more fun vegging out than when I go partying. Maybe because my party clothes are so binding." So I didn't seek out threeways for a long time, choosing instead to invest christian louboutin outlet shoes real in deep, one on one connections and more specific "Housemate Wanted" Gumtree ads. Oh, those wasted years. If only I had known then what I know now. For you see, the great secret of (two girls, one guy) threesomes is that, if you're bisexual, they are the LAZIEST WAY YOU CAN POSSIBLY HAVE SEX. They are everything you like in one place. They are yin, they are yang. They are salted caramel. They are two genders, no waiting. Never have I ever had a threesome with someone with whom I'm discount christian louboutin outlet in a relationship (I men christian louboutin outlet know, I'm basically a virgin). Now, don't get me wrong. I thoroughly THOROUGHLY endorse the couples who do this. Without them, I'm back to my old three way of me, wine and a Buffy marathon and season 6 always bums me christian louboutin authentic outlet out. But I haven't done it because there is nothing lazy about being a threesome having couple. For starters, the logistical planning is almost always down to them because it's their party and I'm their guest. Also, if there is any emotional fallout from the event, they have to deal with it. Jealousy and accusations are exhausting and I like a full 8 hours sleep. This brings me to 2) Figure Out Your Sleeping Arrangements In Advance christian louboutin outlet online red bottom shoes for women discount christian louboutin shoes online christian louboutin flats sale cheapest christian louboutin shoes
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