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louboutin christian outlet will never disappoint you. Be aware that the JR East Rail Pass does not provide access to the Tokaido Shinkansen and to make use of this pass you will need to ride the regular Tokaido Main Line to Odawara. From Tokyo, a convenient choice that is valid with the JR East Pass is the "Odoriko" zapatos christian louboutin christian louboutin men sneakers outlet outlet limited express train service. These trains have bigger windows and better seating than the regular commuter trains, and seat reservations can be made. As of March 2007, there are at least four daily runs, arriving in Odawara one hour later; there may also be additional runs on certain days. All trains make a pickup stop at Yokohama, while a few also stop at Shinagawa and Kawasaki stations. You also have the option of boarding comfortable Green Car seats on regular JR commuter train runs. These seats are available on a first come, first serve basis, and you can purchase light snacks and drinks at your seat. You should purchase a Green Car fare ticket prior to boarding, which is done electronically using a SUICA card: Once you purchase the Green Car fare from a special machine, you wave the SUICA card over the seat that you wish to sit in and the light above you will turn from red to green. The fare for these seats between Tokyo and Odawara is 950 on weekdays and 750 on weekends and holidays; you can also purchase a Green Car seat on the train for an additional 250 christian louboutin mens shoes outlet surcharge. Holders of the Green Car Japan Rail Pass and JR East Pass can use these seats at no additional charge, and with no fare tickets required: simply board a train with a Green Car, show your Green Car pass to the attendant and inform him/her of your destination. Without any sort of JR pass, the regular fare from Tokyo to Odawara is 1450 (additional for the Green Car); the trip takes about 70 minutes. The affordable method of reaching Hakone from Tokyo is christian louboutin outlet stores to take the Odakyu Odawara Line from Shinjuku station. The fastest train on the Odakyu Line is the Hakone () Limited Express train ( tokky), which runs twice an hour for most of the day. The 85 minute journey makes only two stops enroute and costs 2020. Note that some trains, called Super Hakone (), use newer train equipment, while evening rush hour runs from Shinjuku are called Home Way (). The slower Odakyu express train ( kyk) runs twice an hour at a cost of only 1150, reaching Hakone in two hours. christian louboutin outlet online store christian louboutin outlet store online christian louboutin shoes men sale discount christian louboutin pumps cheap christian louboutin shoes for sale
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